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The Dental Practice at Leicester recently conducted a study on the dental health of smokers. Periodontal dentistry studies showed that periodontitis is caused mainly due to bacteria but smoking also, is a huge contributing factor to the disease.

Every pack of smokes comes with a warning “Smoking is Injurious to Health”—well, it is harmful for your teeth as well. Smoking causes all kinds of lung disorders which in turn lead to dental problems requiring periodontist treatment. Hence, your dentist at Moody terrace Dental Practice will tell you time and again to quit smoking. No need to affirm that excessive and chain smoking causes decay and deeper periodontal pockets which increases the chances of infection into the gums.

People with degraded teeth or have crowns are more at risk, the clinic states. People who wear braces and have undergone bridgework procedures also stand to acquire periodontal complications. This is something you just won’t be able to simply brush or floss away! So, prevention is better than cure—quit smoking and brush regularly. Serious consequences will require you to get dental implantsroot planningperio grafting and perio surgery. People suffering from the disorder can come to this clinic for some top of the class endo perio treatment.

There are also people who have a habit of grinding their teeth. This causes an inflammation in the gums. If the inflammation becomes excessive then the decaying will start and thus it is better to visit your periodontist office and get suitable measures taken.

Stress is another huge contributing factor that completely weakens one’s immune system. The body is unable to fight off infections effectively. Coming right from the periodontist office of Moody Terrace Dental Practice is the message that it does no good if you take stress. Don’t stress too much or smoke excessively—this will also reduce the risk of perio-endo lesions.